Could you answer this question for me?

My girlfriend has an assignment and asked me to look up the answer to this question, and I really don't know very much about it, or how to search for it on Google.

If someone could tell me either, it would really help me out. The question is in three parts.

QUESTION 2 [50 marks]

Assume a restaurant has two ISPs providing Wi-Fi access for its customers, with each ISP operating its own AP and having its own IP address block.

a) If each ISP has configured its AP to operate over channel 11, what will happen to the 802.11 protocol? [15 marks]

b) Discuss what happens when two stations, each associated with a different ISP, attempt to transmit at the same time. [15 marks]

c) If one AP operates over channel 11 and the other over channel 1, calculate the transmission rate for the two ISPs for 802.11b protocol. [20 marks]

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KFM hath wroth:


Neither you nor your girlfriend are going to learn much if you ask for instant answers. I think it's called plagerism, cheating, and wasteing time. Interestingly, the questions are not particularly easy and are apparently cleverly worded to discourage Google searches. You actually have to understand how radio, wi-fi, IP networking, and

802.11 work in order to answer the questions. Also, since this is apparently a skool problem, you both have resources available that will be more than happy to help you select appropriate reading material. It's also considered bad form to have others do your homework for you:

See section on using usenet for homework and class projects.

Incidentally, you could just test what happens when you actually try all three conditions. All it would take are two wireless router and two laptops with wireless. Since you're apparently on RoadRunner cable, you should have enough bandwidth to simulate two independent ISP's. Use IPerf for benchmarking.

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