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Hi All good people... I=B4ll be glad for some good advice for my new home. For the last year i=B4ve been surfing around and read alot of homeautom. to find the best solution for my new home. The home is a experiment for me, living without switches but with a lot of sensors to feel my needs for light and so on. My problem is to choose teh best overall homeautomation controller. Please let me in of Your know-how. Here is my needs :

Telephone lines. Accescontrol etc. fingerprint, facerecognition. Burgler, fire, water alarm. Hvac control. Lighting 220v all dimmers on a din rail in controlroom 30 channel. Spa/water control. Internet acces to system in away situation. IR control or IP controlled dvd, radio, amp. motorized big screen and projector. Blind control. Flush mount 5-10 inch touchscreen. 3 items. CC-Camera 5 items. Etc....

Here is my listing for product i=B4ve been thinking about. But i think they all miss something of diff things or is to amateur like or to expensive.. Maybe i need a solution with 2 controllers.

Hai Stargate. Homeseer. Amx. Casaworks

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Control4 Comfort Home Control.

I have to consider the possiblity of selling the home and the new owners has to ahve a chance to maintain the system..

Thanks and best regards from Stones in cold Denmark..

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Well personally I like the HAI Omni Pro series. I have one in my home and I have installed a couple in both homes and businesses.

The HAI systems include, Fire, Heating/Cooling, X10, Motion Detectors. It interfaces with both Homeseer and HAL2000 and can be controlled over the internet. With ID/PW ofcourse.

Take a little visit to my home and see some of the things I have here. I use Homeseer, Omni Pro, Ocelot.

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You Could also try PowerHome. You can find it at

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. Tell'em dmoreno sent'ya. I have been using it for 4 years now. You can customize it in the very minute detail. Check it out.

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