reverse configuration change with power button

Hello, I am relatively new to cisco and I preatty much always do

config t/ write mem for all my changes, I have a router in CA that has an interface in half-duplex. I am affraid that when i change it to full duplex i will get disconnected. Is there a way to reset the configuration back to half-duplex, by turning on/off the router. should i do config something else? or write run instead mem.


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Tell the router to reload in 5 minutes...

reload in 5

-Wil wrote:

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Wil Schultz

Ah, and more importantly... "reload cancel" when you're done! :)


Wil Schultz wrote:

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Wil Schultz

The key here is that there are as you suspect two configs.

conf t some commands exit [or ^Z]

edits the running-config.

copy running-config startup-c OR wr mem

copies the running-config to the startup-config.


To solve your problem

use reload in 10

change the config with "conf t" .... This has IMMEDIATE effect with almost all commands (or even more commands than that).

If you are happy with the changes "wr mem" AND cancel the reload with "reload cancel" before the 10 minutes are up.

If it all goes awry wait

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