Redundant switch another try


I'm having some difficulty to figure out how to achieve full redundancy on parts of my internal network. At this moment I have 2 routers 2821 in standby configuration (HSRP) and 2 PIX firewalls in failover configuration with one switch only between them. Client requires redundant switch between firwalls and routers (no need for redundant switch between firewalls and ISP router - Internet at this moment). Any idea how to configure router and firewall to use both switches?

| sw1 | Internet ^ | v | fw1 | | fw1a | Firewall Failover ^ ^ | | v v | sw2 | | sw2a | LAN ^ ^ | | v v | RT1 | | RT1a | Router Standby (HSRP)


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John Strow
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If you have HSRP up and running, and everything connected (as in your diagram below), there isn't anything else you need to do. It already is fully redundant.

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