Unable to figure out what's where?

In Canada, located in Toronto... Service with Bell Canada.

I am at a friend's business location. They have a Norstar PLUS Comnpact ICS 2.0, and a box on the wall with "FLASH" on it, attached to the phone switch. I have the Installer's Guide for the ICS, the Programming Record, and the System Coordinator Guide. I also have the Flash Reference Guide (1999). It also appears that this business has Bell's Voice Link as a voicemail service.

1) Do we need the VoiceLink, if our switch is managing the voicemail for us? It seems like this is an additional expense.

2) We are using Feature 981 and entering 100xxxx to get into our general mailbox, which is on what exactly? Is this acessed through Flash, or with the ICS Sys Coordinator's information?

3) We want to change the number of rings when a person is not able to pick-up the phone, before the call rolls into the voicemail on the switch. Where do we make this change from?

4) The person who reaches voicemail on the switch, and who does not select the general mailbox, causes the system to ring a second phone in the office (ext. 100), where it rings 2 more times and then they are able to leave a message in this mailbox. How is this controlled? Through Flash or the ICS programming. What the heck is "Flash" in this case, anyway?

5) We need to remove people's names from the company directory, and assign the extensions to others, how is this accomplished? Flash or ICS programming?

I've got all the manuals, just not sure what is used in which case, to make the proper changes.

Many thanks.


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  1. No you do not need voioelink!

  1. Mailbox 100 is the General Delivery mailbox and it's on the Flash. It is a system mailbox that cannot be removed and is often used as the default mailbox (ie if the flash cannot put a message in an existing or non existant mailbox it will put in the General Delivery.)

  2. this is done from the ICS - 'Forward no-answer' feature and is done on a phone by phone basis.

  1. Flash is the name of the Voicemail. How does the caller reach voicemail?? Could be a couple of thing happening here...

  2. Flash programming - either remove the mailbox and recreate it or change it's name and extension.
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Thanks Ray. There's a phone systems person going into the site today. If they don't show up for some reason, I at least have a place to start. Much appreciated.


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