Redirecting packets with route-maps through the same interface.

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I would like to use a route map on the interface Vlan 1 of a 877 and redirect them out of the same interface. I applied the route-map but it doesn't work. Is it possible or packets must be forwarded through a different interface. My LAN has a router as a default gateway but the real gateway is a firewall and the router forward everything to the firewall. Every device is on the same logical WAN. I want to do a trasparent proxy and I want to put the route-map on the interface but packets that will match the rules (http traffic) will exit the same interface.

I did a test but it failed.



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Sending the packet back out on the interface it came in should be possible. You might have to turn off ICMP redirects etc.

I tried the following simple experiment with 2 routers connected back-to-back via their ethernet interfaces

Router1 ====== interface Ethernet0 ip address no keepalive ! ip route

Router2 ====== interface Ethernet0 ip address ip policy route-map TEST no keepalive ! access-list 1 permit any ! route-map TEST permit 10 match ip address 1 set ip next-hop

This does send all packets received on ethernet0 of Router2 back out on ethernet0. (Note that the above configuration does not do anything useful; it was only meant to check if the packet can be forced out of the interface it came in on using a route map.)

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