PIX - redirecting on the inside interface

I'm trying to setup a static route to a network on the inside interface of a PIX firewall. The thought is that instead of spreading a static route to all the users on the network, they should use their default route to the PIX, and there be redirected to another machine on the inside network. Now, I have set up the route properly as far as I can see, and the following shows up when doing a sh route (I have deleted the CONNECT lines and changed/omitted some IP addresses): outside 1 OTHER static inside 1 OTHER static

( is the network I want to reach through the on the inside network)

When trying to access a webpage on the 10.11.12.x-network from a machine on the inside network (192.168.0.x), the connection is reset by the PIX.

Does the PIX not allow redirection of traffic on the inside interface?

Any other suggestions on what to try?

Thanks, Lasse

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No. The PIX is not a router. (It is possible starting with PixOs 7.x to redirect traffic between VPN peers on the same interface, but I do not tried this to allow routing on a stick. I doubt, it will work, because the internal pix logic needs two interfaces to pass traffic.)

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Lutz Donnerhacke

Thanks! Then I know we'll have to look for another solution. :)

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