Reason 413: User authentication failed.

I am knocking down the layers to get into my remote VPN easy server and now have been rejected due to the above message. Which username and password is it asking for? I can not remember entering one in the Cisco VPN sections, should I have, and where? Or is it the network account, which I have tried and failed?


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You didn't provide *any* of your configuration, nor any information about what you're using to connect or the configuration of that device. How do you expect anyone to be able to help you?

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Well, if you are using the Cisco3000 client:

The first username/password are the group name and password. After you authenticate to the group you can then work on being denied by your local username and password.

If not then your gonna have to help us help you by: a) stating what piece of equipment you are trying to connect to b) which client you are using c) sanitized configurations

Wil my 3¢

James wrote:

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Sure, but last time I gave a load of stuff and no one responded! I have the latest Router 857W and am using the VPN Client v4.6.00.0045. I have configured a group name and password and think this is working. I'm not sure if the router config is correct tho. Do you want to see the router config text? It's not that large as nothing has really been added.

Thanks for your help.

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James schrieb:

startup-config AND via which interface you want to connect. Everything else is only esoteric wild guess. What is your 857's horoscope?

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Uli Link

Re interfaces; am I right to pick the internal one (BVI1) as opposed to the Dialer0{AMT0.1}? Whats the difference? Surely I want to get "in" to the system rather than stay just outside it? Please enlighten me!

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