ASA 5510 Remote VPN user question

I'm going to ask a simple question but we have a new ASA 5510 device and I'm a little bit confused with Version7.0

I've created L-2-L vpngroup "VPN-L2L" and RA vpngroup "VPN-remote", also an username X. What I need to use when I configure the Cisco VPN cleint for username "VPN-remote" and the pre-shared key or the username X and the password. Also when I want to create a secont remote VPN account I need to create a second username or a second RA vpngroup.

Thanks for the help.

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When creating remote access VPN's on an ASA I normally would do the following (excludes info from Crypto Map):

1) Create a spilt tunnel 2) Ensure traffic is not natted (Nat0) between inside LAN and RAS VPN user / group 3) Define a local address pool for VPN group

4) Define a group policy e.g.

group-policy XYZ_Access internal group-policy XYZ_Access attributes vpn-tunnel-protocol IPSec split-tunnel-policy tunnelspecified split-tunnel-network-list value XYZ_split_tunnel

5) Define the username attributes

username XYZ_User password blahblahbalh username XYZ_User attributes vpn-group-policy XYZ_Access

6) Define the remote access attributes

tunnel-group XYZ_Remote_Access type ipsec-ra tunnel-group XYZ_Remote_Access general-attributes address-pool XYZ_remote_access default-group-policy XYZ_Access tunnel-group XYZ_Remote_Access ipsec-attributes pre-shared-key ***password****

Hope that helps.



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Darren Green

I'm still not sure about :

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I'm still not sure about :

Which credentials I have to use in the Cisco VPN client?

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