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I have a Catalyst 6500, and am learning QoS. I have read that this switch has the capability to perform QoS functions on an egress port, specifically, egress queuing and COS remarking. My question is, why is this useful if I have ingress classification, and congestion avoidance (WRED) setup on all my ingress ports?

BTW, it seems getting QoS setup is quite a convoluted process. Any suggestions? I have the Cisco QoS Exam Guide, but can anyone recommend some supplemental reading that is more of a high-level overview of the Cisco implementation?

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Egress queuing is useful if two or more ingress ports send traffic to a single egress port. Or of course a high speed ingress port feeds a lower speed egress port. I think that the keys to QoS are ingress (or of course at source) marking and egress queuing.

Settin up QoS is a convoluted process.

I have not yet really been there, done that, however the routers (cpu switching - 2800, 3800,

7200) do QoS quite straightforwardly however the switches seem require you to get pretty close to the hardware.

Even the routers though have variations between models, interfaces, etc.

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