Taking BCMSN 642-811

Hi all,

I am currently revising BCMSN and planning to take on this Friday or Saturday (I still haven't make up my mind). For those who have taken BCMSN recently, I would like to know several things before heading to the unknown :-)

  1. How many questions?

  1. How many simulations?

  2. Advise on what topic to focus on?

  1. Is QOS part of the exam? I find it confusing especially its implementation on different series of Catalyst switches. The commands and features available on 2950, 4500 and 6500 are all different. Will understanding the concept like WRED, WRR be good enough without knowing the command set? Is stuff like LLQ, WFQ etc etc part of the exam? My study guide briefly mentioned it but I think router QOS should be included in BCRAN, not this exam (I have not taken BCRAN yet).

Thanks guys.

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Guan Foo Wah
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And one more thing I forgot to ask....

  1. What is the passing score?
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Guan Foo Wah

  1. dont remember, around 60
  2. 3
  3. spanningtree (i only say that b/c i have a hard time with it) there are some show command outputs for spanning tree as well
  4. only a few questions. nothing as deep as the self study guide from cisco press.
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