QoS: How to classify RDP traffic?

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I am trying to classify RDP traffic to mark it with a DSCP value but I can't seem to get my ACL to pick it up. The router is a Cisco 877 and I can't see an RDP option using NBAR either.

I have tried the following with no luck:

permit tcp any eq 3389 any eq 3389 permit tcp any any eq 3389 permit tcp any eq 3389 any

Can anyone think of a way to classify RDP traffic?

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Implementing QoS is about classification, marking, then the queueing. From that, follow these steps: (1) create access-list to identify the traffic (2) create class-maps to identify types of traffic (3) create a policy-map to modify the traffic (4) apply the policy-map to a direction on an interface

Forget this line from your access-list: "permit tcp any eq 3389 any eq

3389". It is not what remote desktop protocol uses. The source port is a "random/sequential" and the destination port is TCP 3389.

Try this:

access-list 190 remark *** Remote Desktop Protocol *** access-list 190 permit tcp any eq 3389 any access-list 190 permit tcp any any eq 3389 ! class-map match-any RDP_Class description *** Remote Desktop Protocol *** match access-group 190 ! policy-map RDP_Policy class RDP_Class set dscp af41 ! interface FastEthernet0/0 service-policy output RDP_Policy

The direction of the serivce policy is based on which direction the traffic will be going to get to the remote desktop protocol server. This is also impacting to the actual line of the access-list which is relevant. In my example above, the traffic was tagged AF41 but not affected in limiting the bandwidth. You can do what you want from here. This configuration was tested in a lab environment on Cisco 2600 series routers.

----- Scott Perry Indianapolis, IN


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