PIX PDM problem

I have a PIX 515 which I cannot use PDM to connect to it via IE7, first I get the certificate error and then it says: "loading pix device manage"please wait...

Cisco PIX Firewall Version 6.3(3) Cisco PIX Device Manager Version 3.0(1)

Any idea how I can fix this? I have updated my Java, but didnt help. Rob

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Try to downgrade java to 1.4 (recommended 1.4.1) or upgrade PDM to

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Marcial Colomer

Ya I know how to fix it! Stop using the PDM! Your mising out on so many extra features that the pdm does not display. What do you need the PDM for? PIX is not that hard to learn, especially if you have an existing config to look at and figure out from. You do have a backup copy of the config in text right?

Need help doing your task outside of the PDM? Rephrase the question on how to complete the given task and give details on what the task is.


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Sadly, 'cos I like a LOT of what Cisco does, that is my take on the issue too.

PDM is way way way way way better than the router magico manager thingy (whatever they call it this week) but I wouldn't bother with it.

The router one is utterly awful. Last time I tried it, it required that you remove ALL security from your web browser, that you have the exactly specified version of this and that, that you wait for a long time to see if it might actually be working.

If you should turn up with a different PC the next day then you have to spend hours buggering about with no clue as to whether it will eventually work or not.

If you want to see an exemplary network device GUI then have a look at the truely magical Checkpoint one. It may be the BEST software (in ANY category) that I have ever seen. If you call your checkpoint reseller you can get a 30 day (as I recall) free trial license for the whole suite. Firewalls, smartdashboard, the lot.

Otherwise my favourite software, with some vague chronology, is:-

Unix I/O model - stdin/stdout/pipes - everything is a file Unix file system with symbolic links - please wake up and smell the coffee Microsoft. You are 30 years (or more??) behind the game. I BEG you. Turbo Pascal 3 Turbo Pascal 4 (+ all others) MS Word MS Excel Turbo Debugger - pure magic (vs Codeview - yeuch) Mosaic - Web browser in case you have forgotten:) MS Access Network General Sniffer Google (well there is so much:-)

Obviously Linux 'n' MS NT (+successors) are pretty neat too.

I have heard that C# is way cool 'n' groovy, but I have not tried it.

Perl gets an honourable mention, but it is not in the same class as the above since it is pretty devilishly hard to use. Once tuned in it is very powerful.

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