Problem configuring IP Addrees on PIX 515e


I´ve received in recent time a new Cisco Pix 515e.

It´s home configured with an 192.168... Lan IP address but I wanted to configure it with a new one (172.16...) using the web interface provided by the machine.

The problem is that when I change it using the web interface, I can get a right ping (using 172.16...) but web access it´s totally unreacheable.

Because I can´t use the "save" command I restart the Pix 515e again and the old 192.168... address arise.

What do you thing I´m doing wrong?

Thanks you all in advance for your help

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Hi I am no Cisco expert as I have only recently just studied my CCNA (yet to take exam) but using the CDM is, I am told, unreliable and needs a lot of RAM for the router to run it. Why not change the address from the CLI and save the configuration.

Commands as follows:

(put password if any and enter) #conf t #interf ether0 (conf~t)#ip addr press CTRL & z

#copy run start

Hope that helps.


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You need to change more than that. Since you're changing the network number of the inside interface from 192.168.x to 172.16, you'll also need to change the actual network environment attached to that interface. At the very least, if that environment consists of just a crossover cable to your pc, you need to reconfigure the pc's interface so it now also lives on 172.16. If you're routing thru some other subnets to reach the pix, you're in for a bunch more trouble. All of which really points to the fact that the web interface is just not appropriate for all types of changes. If you're messing with anything that affects your management access to the device, you should just attach a console cable and configure it thru the cli.

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