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I purchased a used Cisco Pix 515e last year. It is currently running version 6.3 and I need to upgrade the software due to new VoIP phones we just had installed and also to have better performance on our VPN client. Does anyone have any suggestions for how I can get the newest version of the software for the Pix 515e?

also, does adding a VAC card the pix really improve the VPN performance as it claims? thank you,


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"relicense" the PIX with Cisco, and then get a support contract.

a VAC+ would be preferable to a VAC; it is noticably faster.

I cannot answer your question from my own experience, but I can say that Cisco has posted VPN throughput rates for all three possibilities (no card, VAC, VAC+), and if it was the case that there was no improvement over not having any card, we would have expected some noise and some lawsuits.

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Walter Roberson

Hi Ron,

If the unit is already in warranty, you can contact Cisco Support they can direct you onto how to download. If it is not contact support anyways and see if they can give a break on download the latest binary file.

VAC+ will improve performance versus one w/o.

The following is the datasheet

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is it "restricted" or "unrestricted"? I might be mistaken, but "restricted" version does not really use VAC (even though it shows in sh ver)

Roman Nakhmanson

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from the data sheet of PIX515E it clears that the VAC or VAC+ supported for UR/FO/FOAA

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Regards, wrote:

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