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I have a customer that wants to upgrade their PIX 515. They already have upgraded the onboard memory but not sure why since their net admin just left the company before completing the upgrade. They want to finish the upgrade of the OS from 6.3(1) to a newer version but they are not sure what they were upgrading for.

Whats the highest recommended stable upgrade for the 515? Stick in same major version up to 6.3(5) or would it be ok to jump to major versions like 7.2(1)

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how much memory was installed? is this a failover set? Unrestricted license? If a memory upgrade was performed, then the previous network admin probably was hoping to upgrade to at least a 7.x OS. If you plan or decide you want to also upgrade to 7.x, first upgrade the PIX to 6.3(5), then to the 7.x code. I run 7.2(1) on 7 515e's, all w/o a hitch.

What kind of config is on the pix? i mean, are there vpns being terminated at it? remote access vpns? site-to-site? those things might make a difference when upgrading to 7.x code since the syntax is different.

There are documents on cisco's website about upgrading from 6.3(x) to 7.x, including added features, maybe that will give you a clue as to why you might want (or not want) to upgrade to 7.x.

(personally, i wanted to upgrade just to keep my knowledge base current - selfish i know)

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