Cable Modem & PIX 515

I have an internet connection through Cable Modem that gives me a dynamic IP address - can I use a pix 515 as the firewall connected directly to the Cable Modem? and then Connect the Pix to a Catalyst 2900 series switch on the inside network?

I'm assuming I would set the outside interface as DHCP - Is that correct?


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Hi Gary,

As far as I am concerned you can configure the PIX firewall as a DHCP client, server or both. Assuming you wanted to set the outside interface to dynamically obtain an IP address from a DHCP server (typically used in SOHO implementations) you would need:

ip address outside dhcp [setroute] [retry]

The setroute option allows the PIX to obtain a default route from a DHCP server as well. In this instance you wouldn't need to configure the PIX with a default route.

The inside interface would connect to your 2950.



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