PBX channelization over fractional T1 to fractional E1

Here's the scenerio, we have 3 sites, Cambridge, Modesto, (both US) and Mexico. Cambridge is the head end site, and we are running VoFR using fractional T1 pvc's to Modesto and Mexico. We have successfully implemented 4 digit dialing between Cambridge and Modesto, but we are running into all kinds of issues setting up 4 digit dialing between Cambridge and Mexico. The first issue is that Mexico has an E1 interface since the MexTelco converts the T1 to E1 somewhere in their frame cloud. We installed a dual port vwic g.703 E1 card on our cisco router, and the frame circuit is up. We had Mitel install an E1 card on their PBX to talk to the vwic. So assuming we've got all the physical layer stuff working correctly...now there is the issue with the config on the routers.

The Cambridge router is configured for 24 channels, 13 through 23 are being used successfully by Modesto. The PBX puts the signaling frame on the 24th channel and our routers are using css frame-forwarding. E1 has 30 channels at its disposal, but, I assume that with css frame-forwarding I can configure the Matamoros router to use channels

1-12, but I am not sure how to make sure the signaling frame is on the correct channel.

Can someone please explain how to properly set up the channels on a fractional E1 to T1 using VoFR, any config examples would be very helpful and much appriciated.



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