2500's DB60 to DB25 back to back

I purchased a couple routers off ebay, and they came with several cables. I already had several DB60 crossover cables, and this auction brought a few cables I had never dealt with before. They are DB60 to DB25's, a couple DCE's and and a couple DTE's. I needed a couple more serial connections, and was out of crossover cables, so I tried to use the DB60 to DB25 cables for a back to back connection between a pair of

2501's. I connected the DB25 ends of two of the cables and connected the DB60 ends (obviously) to the routers. I then used a show controller to find the DCE/DTE ends and set the clockrate. I got some mixed results though. Usually the interface would come up, then the line protocol would come up, and about 20 seconds later the line protocol would go back down. Sometimes the link wouldn't come up at all. If I switched out the cable with a DB60 crossover cable, the interface would go up/up. I have a few sets of the DB60 to DB25 cables and it seems to do it with all of them, so I'm assuming that it is not a bad cable. Is there anything special I need to do to use these cables, or are they not meant for this type of configuration? I appreciate your help.

Thanks, Matt

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