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Fourteen years ago my neighbor and I linked our homes by digging a trench, laying PVC and pulling two runs of IBM Type 1 cable through the pipe. Those two runs go to ring-in and ring-out ports on 8228 Token Ring MSAU hubs. The distance between the houses exceed 100 meters. Since then Fast Ethernet then 802.11 wireless have replaced the token ring adapters in workstations / laptops in both homes, but the link is still in place. I have a pair of Cisco routers that connects the token ring to the Ethernets in both homes. Both Ethernets have Linksys cable/DSL routers and cable modems. Occasionally the cable connection will go down on one or there other houses. This is usually fixed by rebooting the router or cable modem (or both), but someone has to be there to do the reset. We run PTZ cameras at both homes and want to be able to access them or receive emails based on motion detected. Is there a way to configure the Cisco routers (which are the default gateways in both homes) to use the other home's connection if the closer connection is down? My network is 192.168.2, the other house is

192.168.5 and the token ring is 172.25.1.
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I am not sure about Token-Ring, but I do know that in the Ethernet/IP realm there is VRRP (Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol). Cisco implemented their own version of VRRP called HSRP (Hot Spare Routing Protocol), here is a link describing HSRP and how to set it up - it is quite easy:

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Of course, with HSRP, one router is the default gateway and the other one just sits there waiting. What you could do is set up an interface for each one of your networks on each router and use OSPF/EIGRP/BGP or RIP to do dynamic routing. That way, your neighbor uses his cable modem as primary and you use yours as primary. Then if any one of the cable connections goes away, the routing protocol takes over and routes the traffic out the other cable modem.


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