Multiple T1 lines Cisco 2800 same ISP

I currently have a cisco 2600 router but i am looking into purchasing another T1 line. Could the cisco 2800 combine the 2 lines to get full

3mbps speed up and down? what are my options. From what i understand about BGP, it will not really give me 3mbps but only load balancing. any ideas?


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You don't need the 2800, the 2600 will do just fine. Look into Multilink PPP.

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as long as you do not a lot of ACL's and have your ISP only send a defualt route via BGP, then 2600 would do fine.

However use CEF for load balancing if using two identical T1's to same ISP, less overhead than Multilink PPP

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You'll have to work with your ISP to do MLPPP. Despite the fact it may have more overhead than CEF per-packet load-balancing, it is preferred to get 3Mb both directions. Without ISP support, per-packet only gets you 3Mb upstream, not down.


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