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Hi All, I am setting up a multi-homed connection to our office lan using a Cisco 1812. The two connections are:

1/ SHDSL 2MBit:2Mbit 2/ ADSL2+ 8Mbit:500Kbit

I will be using policy based routing. The key configuration will be to route outgoing "bulk" traffic over the SHDSL connection (outbound TO SMTP port 25, and outbound FROM WWW port(s) 80/443, and possibly a few other similar things.

The main goal of this is to preserve interactivity for other services, and provide a generally logical partitioning of bandwidth.

My two qustions are:

1/ When setting up routes on the 1812, in addition to the route-map, I should include a default ip route, or a default route as part as the policy map? Is either more correct? The reason I ask also, is because I may also set-up a floating static route as the dialer that will we a fallback as a default route.

2/ When setting up the routes at my ISP (associating ip address blocks to ADSL accounts), is there something I should especially consider, or just add the route, so it is advertised for both connections, and it will just come down to a routing metric at their end? It's not BGP.

Maybe someone can suggest a better approach, using what is available?

Thanks in advance.

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HI all,

I have to connect to MPLS PE routers at geographically located routers to two PE.

the network is same , i want to load balance it

Please help me out

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