Modem dont have any respond tone when dialin

I wanna setup a router(2811) with a modem to remote dialin.

since the modem did not have dial tone at first, so I find the AT command set and enter ats0=2&w0 in the modem, and later, it worked. I can dailin this modem with tone.

but after I connected the router(AUX)--modem--phone line and dialin again, the modem dont have any respond tone again.

I really confuese about this problem and dont know how to troublshooting the problem..


Bruce Cao

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When configuring a modem that is connected to (or internal to) a cisco router, don't use &W to write the modem configuration to the modem's NVRAM - rather, you should set the desired modem configuration in a chat script and use modem autoconfigure.

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