Dial-up access to cisco aux port does not respond to keystrokes

I have a USR Sportster 33.6 Faxmodem connected to a Cisco 2691's aux port, using a cisco roll-over cable. When I dial in to the router, the modem picks up and the aux line's password query comes up, but when I enter the password, the router does not see what I type. However, if I use +++ to get the modem's attention, I can enter modem AT commands, and the modem responds as expected. If I ATO out of the modem and back to the router, eventually the router times out and hangs up.

Here's what my aux line config looks like:

line aux 0 password 7 00071A150754 login modem InOut transport input all

Here's what my terminal session looks like:


% Password: timeout expired! Password: OK

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Bad rollover cable?

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