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Hi.. I currently have two segments on my network: and along with other routers and stuff that go to other places. The Cisco 3620 router routes between the segments and feeds switches dedicated to each segment. I have DHCP running and also use static IP addresses for about 70 servers and non dhcp capable pieces of equipment.

Here is the issue. I need to change the IP addresses of these segments to 172.29.112 and

172.129.113 respectively.

Is there a way that I can sit the new segments right on top of the old segments and then change the Static IP addresses over without losing connectivity? I would imagine that I could then change over the static IP addresses to the new numbers then change dhcp in one fell swoop. If I just get a cheap router (or a quick linux box) to route between the segments, can I plug the and 113.1 ports of the new router into the switch fabric of the old segments and route both segments appropriately?

TIA David

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Hi. Maybe secondary IP address can help you. you can add both new IP address gateway on each interface. for example

interface f0/0 secondary

then change the DHCP ip address pool to (see you situation) at this time.both and have connectivity. you can manually change 192.168.16.x static address.

once you complete change all host. you can choose a proper time to change the interface ip address. delete forever.

this is my 2 cent

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