DHCP + static IP on the same network?


Can somebody please tell me if I can use DHCP and static IP-networking on the same network? My problem is that connecting one machine using static IP with wifi is failing due to nerworking-tool issues. The rest of the machines work fine on static IP, including a Mac on wifi. So, if I can use DHCP and static at the same time it would solve a problem for me.

Thanks for an answer.

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Huub scrisse:

Yes, you have to configure DHCP server to do not use some ip addres, then, on servers or devices which need static IP address you have to disable DHCP client and configure this IP static addresses on them in the usual way.

I.E. if your DHCP server is on a CISCO router, you must type:

R1(config)# ip dhcp excluded-address

then configure DHCP server in the usual way to use IP addresses from network.

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Sabatino Palladino

Hi, of course you can... just specify on dhcp server excluded addresses which you want to assign manually and dhcp won't try to use them.

If you run DHCP on Cisco IOS use following command:

Router(config)# ip dhcp excluded-address low-address [high-address]

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Slawomir Kawala

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