computer can only connect to wireless network when we change the channel on the router

Hi, a new roommate's computer can connect to the wireless network only when we change the channel on the wireless router. After roboot we have to change the channel again for that computer to work. The same computer works before the roommate moved in. Also, all other 4 computers in the house don't have any wireless connection problem. I searched the newsgroup and found there was a post a year ago with exactly the same problem but no response. Any ideas?

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Can I guess? It kinda maybe sorta sounds like a duplicate IP address, where the new roomates computah is set to the IP address of the router. I'll assume Windoze XP Home. Control Panel -> Network -> Wireless devices -> Right click on properties -> TCP/IP Wireless If you're using static IP addresses, make sure you don't duplicate any addresses in use, that the Gateway IP is that of the router, and that the DNS serves are either the router IP or the real DNS servers. I you have a mixture of static and DHCP assigned IP addresses, make an effort to NOT assign a static IP address in the DHCP assigned range.

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