iSCSI Set up with Cisco 9216


I have been given the task of setting up an additional Cisco 9216 on a SAN with iSCSI. My experience is in LAN Switching, not in SAN switching and have never done this before. I have found some documentation for setting up iSCSI on the Cisco website. Can anyone else link me to some useful guides that will get me up to speed quickly?? Essentially, there are two existing 9216 SAN switches so while I have not set up a SAN before I expect I should be able to see alot from their configuration for the SAN/Fibre Channel stuff. However, the iSCSI component has not been set up on the SAN yet so I am learning this as I go.

Thanks in advance

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You may want to email Cisco's CCIE Storage Networking Expert, Tim Blanchard.

Email: tblancha [at]


Brad Reese

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