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Hi, all I am new for the cisco's, and I was try to setup a home lab using cisco

2621, 2FE+1S link to cisco 1602 1E+1S. On the 2621 there is a 1FE connect cable modem to the Internet. But some how cannot connect to the Internet, on debug there error message always say "encapsulation failed". How can I fix it and why?
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is routing set up correctly ... is there a default route toward your isp?


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Cisco 2621 Router: 2 Fast Ethernet 2 WIC module slots (1 with serial card) 1 AIM module slot

Cisco 1602 Router: 1 Ethernet 1 Serial

NAT: This assumes that the 2621 is using FastEthernet 0/0 to the cablemodem and FastEthernet 0/1 to your inside network with Serial 0 going to the 1602 with another Ethernet network behind it. config terminal

interface FastEthernet 0/0 description Connection to Cable Modem ip address dhcp ip nat outside

interface FastEthernet 0/1 description Connection to Inside LAN ip nat inside

interface Serial 0 description Connection 1602 Router Serial 0 ip nat inside

ip access-list standard ip_nat_range permit permit permit

ip nat inside source list ip_nat_range interface FastEthernet 0/0 overload

end The IP address ranges in that access-list are just my example which covers all RFC1918 private IP addresses. Make sure your routing is good as mentioned in the previous reply. router rip version 2 network network network passive-interface FastEthernet 0/0 redistribute connected Correct routing will make sure the downstream 1602 can connect. Fool around with the use of "redistribute connected" and the use of both "redistribute static" and making a static default route to the next hop router from your ISP. Example: ip route w.x.y.z Salutaitons, Lord Balki

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