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I have a Linksys WRT54GL router up and running well with WPA security. I've read that turning off the broadcast of the SSID is recommended. When I do so however I also lose the ability to connect. Obviously there must be settings I need to change on the laptop to connect to a router that isn't broadcasting.

Would someone kindly list the steps or point me to a site where this information can be found? Being a dual boot machine solutions for both XP and Linux would be appreciated.

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Turning off the SSID is not of any great value for security as there are plenty of ways to find it out. Leave it alone.

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On Wed, 01 Nov 2006 17:35:14 -0500, Jim wrote in :

Bad advice. Won't do any real good. Causes problems. Leave it on, and configure a unique SSID.

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John Navas

Around here turning off SSID broadcast is rarely if ever recommended. It doesn't add any security (SSID is still seen by many clients and hacker tools). It will also mask your presence to others so they are more likely to use an interfering channel.

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Bryant Smith

Where did you read this?

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