ip nat inside question

if appropriate inside ip and PORT number is entered in the form below

ip nat inside source static tcp 3389 interface fa0/1

would one be able to connect to the inside server at port 3389 from FE0 or FE1?

Or is the server at port 3389 is accessible from FE1 only if FE0 is down?

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In this nat command the Interface is a alias for the ip address. The behaviour is I think the same no matter whether you specify interface or address. This is essential for most home ADSL where the address is dynamically allocated.

You have not given enough information I don't think to answer your query.

The nat statement mentions fa0/1 and your question mentions FE0 and FE1. I am not sure how these correlate.

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thank you.

as what is fa0/1 I still puzzled. I have no fa whatever on the 1811/k9 configuration but fastethernet0 to 10 which I tend to call FE0 to FE10 to shorten typing

I saw the ip nat >> if appropriate inside ip and PORT number is entered in the form below >>

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sorry for my omission.

I should have mentioned FEZ to FE1 of the Cisco 1811/K9 are external WAN link and labelled as such while FE3-9 are internal vlan1 which is a 24 bit network (

I am a little curious with their labels for Fe2-10, FE2 to 5 is the bottom row with FE X while the FE6 to 9 is on the top row with the letters SWITCH.

Are there any significant difference between the two rows?

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