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For the following configurations, is there any difference besides the configuration 1 needs trunking for the switch port? In configuration 2, the PC port of the VOIP phone connects to the port of the switch configured as vlan3. Any DHCP issue, like how the PC obtains an IP? Any STP issue?

1> PC(vlan3)----Phone(vlan2)----SW 2> Phone(vlan2)----SW----PC(vlan3) |____________|(vlan3)

The scenario 2 is a bit confusing. In the first place, I need to simulate a networking testing plan. I have a few IP phones of different models and a PC. I need to test the scenario of having a PC connected to the PC port of the IP phone. I am not going to connect them physically. Instead, I would like to connect the PC to the switch, and control the PC-Phone connection by turning on and off the switchport. Therefore, I am thinking of connecting the PC port of the phone to one port of the switch and the PC to the other port.


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