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You may wish to investigate the Cisco IOS Upgrade Planner:

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as well as the Cisco IOS Software Selector:

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and Cisco Feature Navigator:

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Hi, I have a Cisco 3620 and trying to enable ISL encap on that (VLAN communication). but it seems there is no such command available on this router. Martin told that 12.0(28c) doesnt support it, so Can I upgrade the IOS on this box and what would be the best version to go with. Thanks in advance-Rob

sho ver Cisco Internetwork Operating System Software IOS (tm) 3600 Software (C3620-I-M), Version 12.0(28c), RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1) Copyright (c) 1986-2005 by cisco Systems, Inc. Compiled Wed 30-Mar-05 15:32 by pwade Image text-base: 0x60008918, data-base: 0x6066E000

ROM: System Bootstrap, Version 11.1(7)AX [kuong (7)AX], EARLY DEPLOYMENT RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc2)

county uptime is 2 hours, 46 minutes System restarted by power-on System image file is "flash:c3620-i-mz.120-28c.bin"

cisco 3620 (R4700) processor (revision 0x81) with 12288K/4096K bytes of memory. Processor board ID 05970422 R4700 processor, Implementation 33, Revision 1.0 Bridging software. X.25 software, Version 3.0.0.

2 FastEthernet/IEEE 802.3 interface(s) DRAM configuration is 32 bits wide with parity disabled. 29K bytes of non-volatile configuration memory. 4096K bytes of processor board System flash (Read/Write)

Configuration register is 0x2102

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12.0(28c) seems to support ISL, but not with the basic IP train you have. ISL support is present in 12.0(28c) IP Plus for example, but it requires 32 Mb of DRAM and 8 Mb of Flash, so this not possible with your router configuration (only 16 Mb of DRAM and 4 Mb of Flash).

I think that the strict minimum for what you require is 24 Mb of DRAM and 8 Mb of Flash.

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