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Does anybody tried cisco ios on diferent platform? Like 2600 ios on 2500 router or something. If does what is hapened?


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No chance that it could work, a 2600 is based on a PowerPC CPU whereas the 2500 is based on a 68030.

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Christophe Fillot

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It won't let you, because there's platform IDs embedded in the IOS images and it won't let you even transfer one over because it'll be the wrong platform.

Other than that, you have both processor and archetectual issues, as another poster said, the 2600 runs PPC, and the 2500 runs 68k processors. There could be other differences, such as the 2801 (MIPS) is quite a bit different archecture-wise than a 2811 (also MIPS) even if they are the same "family".

Anyway, with some of the 2600XM images requring upwards of 192M or 256M of DRAM, and the 2500 having a max size of 18M of DRAM (in certain models) seems like it would be losing something along the way :)

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Doug McIntyre

Thanks for explaining guys!

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