IOS for Ebay routers?

Im just starting to plan a home study lab, and noticed the majority of the routers being sold on Ebay do not come with IOS? Does anyone have an idea on what the cost is for the IOS?

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That depends on the model and feature set.

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Martin Kiefer

Most routers will have IOS installed when sold. However, the original license agreement is not transferable, meaning that you should buy a new IOS license for each router you buy.


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I can't generalise, but yes, this non-transferability cause IS legal in most juridistictions who recognise contract law. Effectively, the original purchaser is granted a Right-to-use when purchasing the software that goes over and above the fair-use provisions provided under Copyright law. This is not an asset, but a contractual permission. Thus it cannot be transfered unless the original parties to the contract allow it In this case, unless you are some huge company with some serious clout with Cisco, the vendor will rrefuse to re-assign the license agreement to the third party.

The control that Cisco can put over the hardware come under "Sales of Goods" laws, which states that (largely) you can do whatever you want with something you own.

Whether people actually do relicense the software or not is debatable. If you are putting a used router into production or if you are buying it as a company, I'd be buying the license as a risk migation strategy.

Prices depend on the router model and the exact feature set licensed. For example, the following link shows various IOS released for the (common as muck) 2500 series:

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