How do you config cisco 2801 + Etherswitch + DSL + Cable modem ?

I just recieved a Cisco 2801 which is came with 2 4-port etherswitch HWIC cards, and i'm trying to configure it. Since I'm not a well versed cisco person (now the basics though), i need some help in knowing if what i'm trying to do is possible. So here are the parameters.

A. My DSL provider gives me a network bridge which has 1 ethernet port, and they provide me with 4 static IP addresses

B. My Cable provider gives me 4 DHCP addresses, and a cable modem with

1 ethernet port.

C. My local network is spread through a hub, typical 192.168.0.x/24

I'd like my setup to be able to use ALL 8 IP addresses for internet, and route outbound using the cable addresses, as well as recieve inbound traffic for my mail server, dns server etc. So here how i have things connected. [use fixed font to see my diagram beflow]

[ Cisco 2081 ] [dsl isp ][DSLBrige ][ 4 port etherswitch ] [cable isp][cablemodem][ 4 port etherswitch ] [ ] local network [ built in port 0/1 ][hub 192.x/24]

All cables are good and working, ports are up/up

My question is: is what i'm trying to do even possible?

I've noticed a few folks talking about Vlans, but i'm not sure exactly how that would be done etc.

Any help would be appreciated.

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