Cisco Switch - How To Use?

I've got a Cisco Switch WS-C2950SX-24 24 port switch that I want to connect to a network port to allow computers to connect using it. I'm just not sure what/how to do this. Do I plug the network cable from the wallport into the console plug on the back, or port 1 on the front, or some other port? And then all the cables to the computers use the rest of the ports on the front. Are the lights on the front supposed to be in a set configuration? The options are:

Top row: SYST, RPS Bottom row: STAT, UTIL, DUPLX, SPEED

Basically I'm trying to use it like the smaller 6 or 8 port hubs that you can buy. Maybe its not possible but I thought it might be... but I can't seem to get it to work.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Bobbie Weeks (Ms)
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And the default of the Cisco switch will be just like a $30 switch you can buy at the store.

BUT, console port is *NOT* a network port. Its a serial port for the management this switch has.

The lights light up per their status just like on a small mini-switch.

The Installation manual does cover this pretty well over all? You should read it.

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Doug McIntyre

Yeah, I thought I should be able to use it like "normal" switch, but I just can't seem to make it work. Never any network connection. Tried the console port (which I now know I can't), port 1 and port 24 but no go.

I tried looking for the manual on the Cisco site but couldn't find it so thanks for your link. I'll have a read to see if it knows what port I'm supposed to use and if there's any other configuration I'm supposed to use. Also might mention if perhaps the network has "turned off" the ability to use switches to expand the available amount of ports. Dunno.


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Bobbie Weeks (Ms)

Hi Bobbie,

If the 2950 has a pre-existing configuration then it could be blocking your attempts. If you do not have the configured Userid/Password for it, then try to do a password recovery and see if you get in. You will need a Cisco Serial "Roll-over" Cable connected to the Console port, set the PC up to 9600-8-N-1and perform a "Password Recovery" on the

2950. Search for this on the Cisco site using the keywords "Password recovery", but make sure you use the right procedure for your model of device (its a 2950).

Possible but not likely. Try setting things up in isolation first to confirm this first...

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Bobbie Weeks (Ms) a écrit :

If I understand you properly, you want to use the switch to expand the number of available portst at your desk, you're going to connect the wall jack to your switch using a cross-over cable.

It's also possible that your network admin has indeed configured the network to disable your wall jack when it sees more than one mac-address or BPDUs being issued by your switch.

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