home dsl and wireless 1230 AP

Does anybody know if a Cisco 1230 AP and a home DSL line will work together? I would like to configure my AP and break things in the safety of my home network.

If so, can someone point me to documentation?

I am wondering if I can go directly from the DSL line to the AP or do I need to go through the cable modem, then set up my own DHCP server. Thanks for any help, David

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David Williams
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It all depends on equipment you have. Do you have just a simple DSL modem or it has embedded router? Most modern DSL modems can be configured to act both ways. Also, as I remember, Cisco 1230 AP can act as DHCP server. So, you may do it either way.

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to go through the

Thanks for everyone's help

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David Williams

The AP 1200 is able to acquire an IP address via DHCP.

That being said it is simply a bridge ( as are most APs)

It will not provide NAT/PAT or any firewall functions.

If you have multiple devices on you home network then you need NAT/PAT for all devices to be able to access Internet

So it would probably be best to have a router or firewall between the AP and the DSL modem

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