Problem connecting DSL router to AP

Hello alt.internet.wireless

I have a problem with a setup at home I hope someone could help me with.

OK here it is:

The DSL line comes into a ZXYEL router [1] which is my hardware fireware; Ive set a whole bunch of port numbers and it works fine if I connect from that to my computer wired.

I put a patch cable from the router into a wireless D-link AP [2] and set the AP to be dynamic IP in its config web page.

I then use the USB wireless D-link antenna thing [3] on the HP vista computer [4] and set a WEP key to protect the connection.


First time I tried it it worked for a about 30 mins but losing the DNS on a site say youtube but other sites working ok. Now from booting up it pops in and stops permanently until I reboot.

I read the following link in a similiar scenario DSL -> router -> AP -

wireless connection -> PC


formatting link
and it says some thing about putting the modem into "bridge mode", though I dont quite understand that concept

THe AP does have a bridge mode - i'll try that in the meantime instead of the dynamic IP (four choices - 1) ISP mode - ie you plug the DSL straight into the AP; 2) static IP 3) dynamic IP 4) bridge mode. I suspect I need to try either static or bridge; I dont want the DSL mode as that would mean losing the hardware firewall.

Hope thats clear!

ok, any ideas appreciated,

best regards Alex Beston

Dunno if these model numbers will help but I'll put them here in case.

[1] ZYXEL P-600 series (P-660H-D1) [2] DSL-G624T [3] DWL-G122 [4] HP Pavillion 7000
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follow up -

I tried to set the AP into bridge mode - worked fine for about 2 hours and then it stopped working



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