Wireless AP and 2 routers

Here is the hardware we have. We have a DSL modem connected to a linksys cable/DSL router. We have a netgear cable/DSL VPN router and a Linksys G Access Point (no router).

The DSL connects to the Linksys router, the netgear router has a static IP and is connected to one of the 4 ports. The netgear router must have a static IP for the VPN setup. There is only one computer wired into the netgear router. The Linksys router has DHCP turned on and one computer is wired into it. The computer connect to the netgear router and the computer connected to the linksys router both have internet access.

We connect the Wireless AP to one of the ports on the Linksys router. The AP has a static IP. When the computer with the wireless connection searches for an access point it finds the AP without any problems, but the IP address it gets comes from the netgear router rather than the Linksys router. With it doing this the wireless computer does not have internet access.

We have tried a static IP on the wireless computer but still nothing. I don't think we have everything set correctly either on the AP or on the wireless computer. I believe the Gateway needs to be set properly so the wireless computer doesn't look at the netgear router and only goes for the linksys.

Has anyone else tried to do this type of setup? If so, how did you accomplish it. We do not have access to the setup on the netgear router. This has been locked by the company that supplied the router to do work at home and really don't want to go screwing with their settings.

Thanks Michael

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