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Hello everbody:

I am a newbie on this forum and this is the first topic I post, hope I can get help from someone who is warmhearted

I am preparing CCIE R&S exame, I have met a problem configuring access-list , here is an example from the material

Router bgp 3 network mask Neighbor remote-as 1 Neighbor route-map SETCOMMUNITY out

route-map SETCOMMUNITY permit 10 mat ip address 101

access-list 101 permit ip host

The explanation for the last access-list was this is to match network only, in another word, it excludes other entries starts with 172.16

I am confused by the "host" used in the access-list ? what does it mean ? from what I understand this is like a Mask-wildcard, but it appears at the 'destination-wildcard' position in the extended-ACL .

Can somebody help me on this ?



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host is equivalent to

in other words matching on a /16 prefix mask

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Then it should be

access-list 101 permit ip host host

The ACL you showed permits 172.16.x.y/16, for any values of x and y, because you're wildcarding the last two octets of the prefix.

Of course, a route for 172.16.x.y, where x and y are not 0, makes no sense with a /16 prefix length -- it should either be rejected as an error or treated as equivalent to

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