Is this the Proxim 7400 card shown here on this advert ?

Is this the Proxim 7400 card shown here on this ebay advert ? I'd like to own one to use the snoop utility that comes with the drivers.

Not sure if this is it though .

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The FCC OET database shows the following


Application Purpose Class II Permissive Change

Grant Date 04/01/1997

In MHz Lower Frequency 2402.0

In MHz Upper Frequency 2480.0

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It's difficult to tell for sure. My US card says on the back. PC CARD 7400 FCC ID: IMK-ILC1PC (bar code) 642005PN-20500001 (serial number?)

On the front, it says: Proxim RangeLan2

Similar, but not identical.

What bugs me is the "For Design In Only" that's on the front of the eBay card. I'm guessing that these are cards that can only be used in an access point or some OEM applications. I think I have one of those in my Symbol PPT4340 handheld. It's a RangeLAN2 card, just like the real 7400 card, but they are not interchangeable. I've also tried software and drivers on both which proved not interchangeable.

I've been told that the primary difference between them is the firmware and that flashing the card with different firmware will work. However, I didn't want to risk it and haven't tried it.

My guess(tm) is that you're going to have a problem.

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Jeff Liebermann

Thanks I'll steer clear.

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