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Pretty darned good! I am a ROF (retired old fart) who was growing suspicious of the BS being thrown my way by local security firms and decided to become a DIY. I bought a used home (a little over a year ago) with an FBI system that has become flaky and I decided to replace it myself. That decision has cost me hours and hours but, to tell the truth, it is kind of fun. I am enjoying the learning of "security speak" and am enjoying the improved digital dexterity in my arthritic fingers that has resulted from thousands of keypad entries. I am reminded of some Yoga exercises.

Anyway, thanks to you all ... again, a good group.

I'll no doubt be back with some more questions.

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Charles Schuler
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Feel free to ask, Charles. You'll find lot's of good advice here (most of it even comes without a "tagline"). :-)

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