help on 2500 boot prompt

What is the name of the image you are trying to boot. Could you also post a "dir flash:" and show run.


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Hello, I have a 2500 router that always starts with this prompt: routername(boot)> altough the register configuration setting is 0x2102. I noticed that the ios image on flash has an invalid checksum, so I tried to get a "new" one via tftp, but once the download has completed, it calculates the new checksum and it is invalid again! Supposing it's a memory issue, I tried replacing the flash memory with another from an identical router with the same ios image: this time the checksum is valid but the prompt is still the same!!

Could you help or show the right way to solve this problem? Thanks in advance.


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You may wish to investigate the online Cisco Router TAC Case / Knowledge Base: Hope this helps,

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