Netgear router - is ADSL link up?


I have recently bought a Netgear wireless router, and recently had a broadband connection installed. However the green 'i' light does not stay on permanently - it blinks on amber every 40 seconds or so, then goes off. So, I am not connected to the internet.

I have not used such a router before (not done wireless before, in fact).

Does the amber light flashing indicate for definite that the ADSL link is not working properly? In people's opinion what is the most likely fault? The router? The 'new' broadband connection? The filter unit? Something else? Am I right in thinking that whatever the configuration of the router, if the green 'i' light is not on permanently then this means there is something wrong with the ADSL side of things?



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Mark, Devon
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Hi, Can you connect directly(wired) to the ADSL modem and go to Internet?

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