frame order when port monitoring on Catalyst 4003

when a port on a catalyst 4003 is being monitored, the order of the original frames which go or come through monitored port and the order of the monitored (or mirrored) frames which go through monitoring port are always same?

Cat OS 7.1(2) is installed on the 4003.

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I would guess strictly no but usually yes.

I have done a bit of work with port SPAN and I have never noticed frame re-ordering.

If you have egress QoS configured and offer enough traffic to action it then am sure that you will get re-ordering on say a 6500 using the original 16/32 G bus backplane.

The reason for this is that on the 6500 anyway the queuing occurs at the physical port and the SPAN at the backplane. Maybe you could implement the same queuing on the SPAN destination port.

I don't know enough about the 4003 architecture to be sure but it seems likely that it will have the same behaviour although the architecture is different.

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