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It works if you win IOS lottery, but EIGRP is not my choice of a PE-CE routing protocol. IOS 12.2S releases have somewhat unpleasant behaviour - it won't redistribute BGP routes into EIGRP until you explicitly specify metric; and then it will show routes (in sh ip eigrp topology) as redistributed. 12.4 seems to work better - you will see BGP-learned routes in EIGRP topology as VPN sourced even without specifying metric. If in your environment you can get all your PE to have the same IOS, getting consistent EIGRP operations is feasible; if your PE run different IOS then you have to check EIGRP behaviour in each case and decide wether you ok with this or not.

What exactly are you trying to accomplish and what doesn't work? Any specific reason to use EIGRP?

Kind regards, iLya

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Charlie Root

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