E1 on a Switch?

I have 2 2821 routers set up for hardware failover. The only part I currently have to do manually is physically moving the E1 RJ45 cable for the ISDN30 lines over from one router to the other when a hardware failure occurs.

Will the E1 circuit still work if plugged into a switch (to allow me to split it and plug it in both switches at once)?

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No, it will not work since E1 is a TDM circuit. The only failover you can do, is using manual failover as you do today.

Regards, Lars Christensen CCIE #20292

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Lars Christensen

Thank you for the reply

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I'm not sure that you *can't* use a Y cable between your routers for your E1 tail circuit. See e.g.

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You would need to make sure that the E1 controller on the backup router is shut down.


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Aaron Leonard

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