E1 module replacement

Hi all,

-- I'm in charge of replacing a CISCO box equipped with a NM-1CE1U card (DB15 connector). The box is connected to an E1 channellized line, 75ohm-unbalanced, BNC terminated (Network End). Moreover this box is 30 mt far from the telco network termination, so there'a a DB15M to dual BNC cabling from the box to the NE.

-- Customer provides a new box equipped with a NM-1CE1T1PRI card (which is intended to replace the NM-1CE1U in cisco end of sale roadmap). This card connects through a RJ48C plug (if I remember well)....

Now the questions are: How can I connect the box to telco line (in the less expensive manner)? Shall I use a RJ48 to BNC cable (balun ?) and replace DB15M with two BNC (on the 30 mt cable)? Is that the only way to accomplish this ? I wonder if there is a way to do this without having to modify the 30mt cable to Network Termination (eg. RJ48 to DB15F cable)....

Thanks In Advance, FR

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