disabling modem on 836?


I was wondering, is there a way to disable the on-board modem (AnnexB) on an 836? We just received a batch of ne SDM routers (larger flash/ram), and will use one at a site with an external DSL modem (which works fine), but would like to stop the router from attempting to synchronize (and by that, stop the stupid blining of the two LEDs). A shutdown on the atm interface doesn't help ...

Tnx, -gg

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Garry, as far as I know, there is no way from shutting down the DSL interface ("shut" on the ATM0-interface doesnt do anything) and there is no way from stopping these LEDs from blinking.

However I heard that customers complained to cisco about that and as a result, the newer models (876 etc.) will behave different.

Regards Axel

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Axel Gärtner

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